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... is doctorate research studying "ideation sketching", as known as part of the design development, and the creative process in general. However, every repeatable process becomes the source of routine problem-solving, physical habits, or sticky creative shortcuts. This research focuses, among other things, on overcoming such limitations, and the
METASKETCHES exhibition presents one of its results. Through the selection of images, the viewers will observe the results of the experi-mentations and learn as well about the manifesto of ideation sketching.
 Selected artworks demonstrate how AI and VR could help to create conceptual illustrations that carry all the engaging ambiguity of the handmade sketches, while fully made in digital and 3d. And to be more specific, the author shows how to leverage VR to break muscle memory, AI to refresh color palette choices and how to liberate from the repetitive use of form language. 
Audiences learn also about AI aparatus providing the "consulting on the idea by the hivemind" service, where the hive mind particularly refers to available neural networks such as Wombo, Disco Diffusion, or Artbreeder. AI helps here as a visual aggregator of collected minds, and contributes to the process with additional and unbiased eyes, or even a synthesised virtual mentor's feedback if you will. These neural networks are trained on art that we usually learn from, aren't they?
  The goal of such imagery is strictly to contribute to the ideation process, allow multiple interpretations, and encourage viewers to carry on with their own evolution of the concept. They are intentionally abstract and ambiguous, yet they ought to have readable elements which suggest the direction of the design ideation.

Mike Jelinek is an artist, designer, and researcher who worked on projects such as Terminator Dark Fate (Tim Miller/Jim Cameron), Love, Death and Robots, and Future Ink (Wacom and Ars Electronica) or Dubai’s museum of the future exhibition research (Tellart). Mike's design career started in Skoda Auto, where he worked for seven years, and now his clients’ list includes names such as Pilsner Urquell, Scarpar, Nike, Prim and much more. 
Mike Jelinek also an aspiring academic researcher, who is focusing on mind, creativity, and ideation in the context of design and cognitive sciences, which is a subject matter of his doctorate studies (ArtD/PhD) at STU Bratislava, Slovakia.

The exhibition was opened on the 16th of May, 2022.
Location: Univerzity of Western Bohemia, FEL, Univerzitní 26, 306 14 Plzeƈ 3
Admission free, open through June

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Prints available at Artstation:

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