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Design ideation workshop

5-day workshop focused on design ideation.
Photo galleries from the delivered workshops are

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1) Intro to Metasketching
lecture, based on the GetSplashed conference speech

2) Ambiquity workshop
Demo - sketching over given doodle, spot, texture, etc
Practical exercise with ambiguous images
Lecture - Unconscious patterns

  • Symmetry everywhere
  • Silhouette
  • Repetition and rhythm
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Asign function
Practical exercise with the same source image
Apply knowledge of "Unconscious patterns” lecture
Re-do images from section c.

3) Lecture - ideation tactics
  • Combine
  • Rearrange
  • Remove
  • Multiply
  • Form to function
Practice tactics

4) Lecture - digital implementations
Practice digital implementations

5) Embodied ideation
  • Verbalization
  • Gestures
  • Movement
  • Interactions

6-10) Introduction to ideation in VR
  • Lecture: Why VR
  • Demonstration of GravitySketch, Tiltbrush and Masterpiece VR
  • Inspiration sessions and process demos - Read more
  • Practical exercises

2d form bashing


Learn how to create convincing car illustration using library of pre-defined shapes and forms. Enjoy playing with real and abstract components while reaching professional level of presentation.
In this lesson you will be guided through the process of drawing the side view of vehicle. While this method is very easy to adopt, it is not limited to entry level audience and could be successfully used at any production environment.

Target audience: Entry level, beginners
Requirements: Basic knowledge of Photoshop or digital image editing.

Tools used: Photoshop CS5 and on, alternatively Affinity Photo, GIMP, Sketchbook.

Limitations: In order to reach maximal quality, Photoshop is recommended due to ability to work with custom vector shapes.

You will get:
- 84 minutes 1080p training video
- 2 demonstration files in PSD format
- 45 template forms in Photoshop shapes format
- 45 template forms in TIF format


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3d form bashing


Formbashing is intuitive design technique for conceptual 3d modeling.
Requirements: Basic knowledge of zBrush

You will learn:
- About the Form Language in industrial and concept design
- Understand the role of abstract forms in design process
- Sculpting with abstract shapes
- Develop form-language libraries
- Successfully import CAD data into zBrush (From MOI3d or Alias)

You will get:
- Introduction video
- Live tutorial HD video with subtitles for keyboard shortcuts
- 4 IMM brushes (AutoMoto, Mechanical, Formbashing and Structures)
- 2 car concepts created with Formbashing method in OBJ file format
- Custom zBrush UI
- PDF Handout


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Immersive ideation: Metasketching


Metasketching is an ideation workflow with GravitySketch VR. You will learn how to sketch naturally in 3d and how to set up the tools for the optimized flow.

You will get:
- Short narrated introduction into GravitySketch and initial demo
- Megadrone demo recorded in real-time, 52 min
- Track Racer demo recorded in real-time, 84 min
- Vertiship demo recorded in real-time, 75 min
- GravitySketch files for all four demonstrations
- PDF handout


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