Petr Knobloch, for being great tutor and program leader during this postgraduate project at Prague College
Petr Svarovsky, for all the advices and conversation, for explaining me the New Media
Denisa Kera, for introducing me work of David Chalmers
Jan Copak, for helping me out with Unity3d

David Eagleman, for the amazing book "The incognito", and being such an inspiration
Anil Seth, for an eye opening Neuroscience TED talk
Jaron Lanier, for your view on VR
Lev Manovich, for the Language of the new media

All of you, who had courage to participate on this experiment: Martin Kriz, Bedrich Nikl, Petr Tomicek, Vera Tomickova, Kamila Krizova, Mirka Jelinkova, Filip Jelinek, Pierre Moller …

And of course, huge thanks to my family and friends for supporting me on this project!