Frequently asked questions

What is B_BODY?
B_BODY is VR simulation allowing user to experience reality limited down to two channels: Sight and Sound. While immersed in the VR simulation, users will have to adapt to new sense/skill in order to see, orient and interact with objects.

What is not B_BODY?
It is not a product, not even a technology. B_BODY is set of VR experiences, or experiments if you prefer, that demonstrate and evaluate the human ability to adapt to the alien type of perception and to learn to fully interact with an environment where there is no light, where there are no legs or arms …

What is the point of the B_BODY experiment?
Claim 1: Body with its sensory and locomotion system represents physical interface to corresponding reality. Specific set of sensors and skills corresponds to specific reality.
Claim 2: Human ability to adapt is usable, useful and desirable UX approach.

Can I take part in this experiment?
The VR simulation is available as MS Windows application and it is free to download. Please follow this link.

Are there any risks associated with VR and this experiment?
Please read disclaimer here.

All right, this is interesting, is there any chance to see it without the VR headset?
Yes, just take a look at videos listed in links section. Please follow this

How can I reach the author?
Easy. Just use the contact form
here or leave him a message here.