VR tribute: Kamil Lhotak

In this episode of my VR Tributes, I would love to introduce you
Kamil Lhotak, (25 July 1912 Prague – 22 October 1990, Prague), the Czech painter, graphic artist, and illustrator. He was one of the members of Group 42. He was especially fond of the works of Jules Verne, Edouard Riou, and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and his early artworks were also influenced by modern technical inventions; he often created drawings of cars, motorcycles, and bicycles.

It was the collaboration with writer
Adolf Branald which had made a big impression on me when I was as a kid. Together they created a book Dědeček automobile (Grandfather Automobile). Lhoták later considered his illustrations for this book as his best works. A year later, in 1955, they cooperated on the production of the film Dědeček automobile. (Wikipedia)

I loved (And still do) the mood of his artwork. Airplanes, cars, and motorcycles peacefully rest at green grass of airports, creating an incredible feel of a quietness and solitude. All those machines were adored and loved, and that much appealed to that little boy, who I still feel to be ;-)

Screenshots from the Tiltbrush application in VR:


Animated GIF’s from the process, posted on Tumblr:


3d sketch on Sketchfab.com:

360 panorama hosted on Facebook:

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