Beyond inspiration

It must be my unique combination of working in the production environment within major automotive styling studios and in the creative tool development that has initiated my deep interest in the creativity itself and my search of unusual sources of inspiration.
On the other side ... since visual art exists, we all look for inspiration in diverse areas.

We observe clouds; we study the variety of nature; we are staring into the fire; we adore stars. Not only that we try to understand these sensations, but we also transfer these experiences to extended context. We use this inspiration to create art, but also objects of daily use.
We let our pen dance on paper in automatic drawing and writing. We experience entropy to find forms and shapes that have never been seen before. Finally, we have adopted chaos as the fruitful and agreeable creative method.

Today, we can program computers to generate forms using algorithms, to alter our creations and even to get inspired by math through the fractal graphics or noise generators.

The question is, what can we do next? Where else we can look? Perhaps, we can involve science to help us with our creative inspiration. Maybe we can connect our experience with something deeper, with events happening at the fundamental level of our universe. 
Let me know where you look for an inspiration. What tools and techniques do you use?