They say ... CORE77: Michael Jelinek, designer extraordinaire! DAMNGEEKY: Trackar personal tracked transport vehicle can do everything from A-Z YANKO DESIGN: Hot Tatra! MOTORAUTHORITY: …has an eye for what is possible! TOPSPEED: Unique combination of emotional styling and aerodynamics efficiency! INHABITAT: the Black Ice looks like a ton of fun CORE77: Michael Jelinek's Mead-esque Transportation Designs
Mike Jelinek is concept designer and industrial adventurist.  His profesional history includes role at Autodesk as global automotive concept design expert and technical account manager or various creative positions at design and styling departments of VW, Skoda, Citroen, GM Europe, Mercedes. Starting 2012, Mike runs his own design consulting company with customers around the world, mainly in Australia, California or Hong Kong. He keeps his focus on alternative transportation, conceptual research and creativity as a subject in general.  In addition to consulting services, Mike is frequently giving lectures focusing on the creative use of digital tools. Just to name few, Mike has spoken at CCS Detroit, ISD France and various international design conferences, such as Autodesign Prague. Among the others, his work was published at Core77, Wired magazine, Industrial Design Served or Yanko Design.
“Machines of adventure” is Mike's artistic experiment of exploring possibilities of graphics novel/comic art/industrial design mixture in the form of book series. Here, the “machines” are the foundation of the story told by BJ, the series main hero, who is an inventor and independent photographer. Readers will follow him on his journey to Svalbard island, where he is invited by mysterious billionaire A.R.Chael for a quick photo job, which turns into an unexpected adventure. Join BJ on board of Chael's private jet and enjoy the hospitality of the master of Svalbard Island.  And at the place like this, anything can happen ...
Mike’s Horseville Design Studio works in the development of Industrial Design projects in the fields of  transportation, powersports, equipment and machinery, consumer products, graphic design and technical illustration. Despite the ability to provide proffesional service at any phase of the product development cycle, the focus of Mike’s team remains on the conceptual research and case studies. Keywords: #Progressive #Unique #Unusuall #Innovative #Experimental