They say ... CORE77: Michael Jelinek, designer extraordinaire! DAMNGEEKY: Trackar personal tracked transport vehicle can do everything from A-Z YANKO DESIGN: Hot Tatra! MOTORAUTHORITY: …has an eye for what is possible! TOPSPEED: Unique combination of emotional styling and aerodynamics efficiency! INHABITAT: the Black Ice looks like a ton of fun CORE77: Michael Jelinek's Mead-esque Transportation Designs
Hey all, Obviously, my name is Mike Jelinek and they consider me something like concept designer or some kind of industrial adventurist. Definitely something out of comic book. Or very bad horror story. Despite this reality, it happened to me that I worked at Autodesk's automotive team as concept design expert and technical account manager. Before that, they even put me in number of creative positions at design and styling departments of VW, Skoda, Citroen, GM Europe, Mercedes both as employee or freelancer. Starting 2012, I run my own gig: Design consulting company with customers around the world, mainly in Australia, California or Sweden. On top of paying bills, I love to to focus on alternative transportation, conceptual research and creativity as a subject in general.  In addition to consulting services, I am sometimes giving master classes focusing on the creative use of digital tools. Just to name few, they allowed me to lecture at CCS Detroit or both ISD France and India. People and community is really nice to me, so my work was published at Core77, Wired magazine, Industrial Design Served or Yanko Design. I always look for fun and adventure, so if you are brave enough to hire me, just send me a note.
The unviverse of Machines of Adventure was created in order to host my trips into the wolds I dream about.  Of course, the best trip is the road trip.  And for the road trip you need a machine.  Here you go ;-) Occasionally, the results will be published. Sometimes. 
Just check the images. That will tell you what to expect from me. Oh, by the way. I am not alone in this one. There is a group of pros that are strong enough to keep their healthy mind and still work with me. They are pretty good in CAD modeling, 3d printing and prototyping. They are good, trust me ;-)